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1.  Poem from one of the Al-Basiir School for the Blind and Deaf-Blind students to AMOUD FOUNDATION recited by 10yrs old Mohamed: It is just another morning My siblings have gone to school My parents have gone to attend to the deluges All alone, I am left at home with no one To link to All because, I am Blind Days and night I just lay away Wondering! If I will ever enjoy like others With empty, I listen as irji come how their day was But for me I have nothing to tell All because, I am Blind But bingo, now I am in school Learning to read and write Making new friends I canít wait to meet my siblings To tell them my own encounters For now there is a future for me With the support of AMOUD FOUNDATION Despite the Blindness. Thank you.

Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed
Awdhegle district, Barire Somalia
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Aug 5, 2015 @ 9:13 pm
PRESS RELEASE: 20 Million Still on Brink of Starvation in East and Central Africa

Due to a slow response from the international community the food security alarm from the last four years still persists.

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