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1.   Below is a message from one of the IMAMS of the camp Asalamu alaikum, Kindly find attached photos taken from Iftar food distribution in Dagahaley refugee camp, Dadaab Kenya. We would appreciate every individual and institutions Muslims who have put their efforts and wealth to support their poor muslim during the month of Ramadan and we pray for them to have reached their goals in obtaining Jannah for the sake of God. The needs of the poor Muslim refugees cannot be reached and Allah (SAW) can only satisfy their needs and we will still request to increase your efforts of informing other Muslim well-wishers to reach these poor Muslim refugee communities who have no iftar in this month of Ramadan who are residing in Dadaab refugee camps. Jazaka-Allahu-Kheirukum.

Imam at Dadaab Refugee Camp
Dadaab, Kenya
2.  Poem from one of the Al-Basiir School for the Blind and Deaf-Blind students to AMOUD FOUNDATION recited by 10yrs old Mohamed: It is just another morning My siblings have gone to school My parents have gone to attend to the deluges All alone, I am left at home with no one To link to All because, I am Blind Days and night I just lay away Wondering! If I will ever enjoy like others With empty, I listen as irji come how their day was But for me I have nothing to tell All because, I am Blind But bingo, now I am in school Learning to read and write Making new friends I canít wait to meet my siblings To tell them my own encounters For now there is a future for me With the support of AMOUD FOUNDATION Despite the Blindness. Thank you.

Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed
Awdhegle district, Barire Somalia
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