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"Due to lack of funds, Amoud Foundation is suspending the Scholarship Progarm for the Somali Universities. We regret to take this action at this time, however if funds are secured we will continue to resume the program"

Amoud Foundation has been able to offer a limited number of scholarships for needy students at many Somali universities. These are full, four-year scholarships for deserving students. The universities themselves select recipients of these scholarships. Amoud Foundation requires that the students maintain good grades, and be students in good standing. The universities provide us periodic reports about the students' academic progress. Our goal is to provide these scholarships at all the Universities. 
Currently, Amoud Foundation provides scholarships at the following Somali universities:


  • Amoud University
  • Hargiesa University
  • Timacade-Gabiley University
  • Buroa University
  • Nugaal University
  • Bossaso University
  • Mogadishu University

Amoud Foundation is also able and willing to facilitate any scholarships by individual donors. As a 501c(3) charitable institution registered in the United States, we can receive scholarship donations from individuals in the United States, provide them with a tax-deductible receipt, and forward the funds to the designated universities. We provide full and transparent documentation that serves as a reliable link between donors and the universities at no cost.

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