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Current Projects

Amoud Foundation is currently working on multiple projects to provide humanitarian assistance to the Horn of Africa, which suffers from post-war devastation and drought. We help local communities with projects in clean water, food distribution, basic healthcare, education and the resettlement and rehabilitation of internally displaced women and children.

The Foundation is involved in the following  projects:

  • Healthcare- Over the years Amoud Foundation worked in an effort to revive the health system in Somali homeland in order to provide an adequate basic health services .  In years 2013-14  the Foundation implemented few project to build and renovate hospitals and clinics


  • Iftar Program- Amoud Foundation  has engaged in year 2014 to provide a Million meal during this Ramadan. It has established 21 feeding centers across the regions it support- Horn of Africa, Syria, Philippines, Bolivia and W.Africa.Each feeding center feeds 1000-1500 peoples a day.


  • Al Hyatt Hospital - On September 2011, Al-Hayat Hospital started operating in full capacity. Staffed by a group of well-qualified doctors, both expatriates and local, and nurses from Amoud University Medical School, with the state of the art medical equipment and a dedicated and qualified management staff, this important project is poised to take off, on its way to fulfilling the original vision of making the Amoud Valley the premier destination for health care in the Horn Africa


  • Digging Wells - Amoud Foundation has completed three wells that are now providing clean water to the people and their livestock.  These wells were dug in the areas that water shortage and drought has been prevalent during these last years. Among the sites, an orphan center is one of lucky recipients of this project. We still need to do at least two-four more wells this year. 


    • Green Houses - Drought-prone areas of the Horn Africa will benefit from this initiative.




    • Orphans - Amoud Foundation Provides annual Assistance to 13 orphanages in different part of Somali territories. The Foundation's support covers food supplies, medical procedures, children's cloths, text books and sports/P.E. equipment and materials.



    • Repartition and Rehabilitation- Amoud Foundation is working to repatriate the families that have left their villages and towns during the Famine and drought period in search of food and water.

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