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Drougt Press Release Delivering water trucks AF President visits Somalia Food insecurity in Somalia AF Visits Hargeisa Orphans AF Emergency Water Program Water Well Program 2015 Syria is Crying. Can you Help?
  • Drougt Press Release

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  • Delivering water trucks

    I am on second week of my journey to Horn of Africa. We are now on the ground delivering water trucks

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  • AF President visits Somalia

    Mohamoud Egal, President of Amoudfoundation paid a visit to Somalia to make an assessment on the current droughts that is impacting the area.

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  • Food insecurity in Somalia

    Somalia faces large scale food insecurity and malnutrition through June 2016

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  • AF Visits Hargeisa Orphans

    Providing Education, Food, Shelter & Clothing to Children in Horn of Africa.

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  • AF Emergency Water Program

    Water distributed to Hodan IDP Camp with Emergency Tanker Trunk Donated By You.

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  • Water Well Program 2015

    This Water Well, located in Bay Region- Baidoa, is Donated by Hirash Family - Jazakumullahu khayran.

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  • Syria is Crying. Can you Help?

    The situation is becoming worse for Syrian refugees fleeing their land as the conflict enters its fifth year.

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2016 Drought Updates

Thousands of children are impacted by the drought stricken area of Somalia.

Here below you find what Amoud Foundation is doing to help   Update !

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Food Distribution
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Water Program
Amoud Foundation Distributes 100 Water trucks to the...
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Current Projects

Some of our current/on-going projects...

Jan 4 2013

NAIROBI, 13 September 2012 (IRIN) - In 1990, an estimated 12 million children around the world died under age five;...

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Poem from one of the Al-Basiir School for the Blind and Deaf-Blind students to AMOUD FOUNDATION...

Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed
Awdhegle district, Barire Somalia
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Al-Hayatt Medical Center
A Testament to what is Possible

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