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Irving, TX - March 9. A record crowd of nearly 400 people turned out in the inclement weather at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Irving to support Amoud Foundation's many projects in the Horn of Africa. Also presented were Amoud's efforts in Syria and the Philippines.

Sh. Mohamed Shakib informed us about Amoud's ongoing projects with education, healthcare, and water wells. Dr. Salem gave us an eyewitness account of his visit to Syria and their need of immediate assistance. The tables were full to capacity as families brought their children to see Baba Ali. They were also delightfully entertained by poet Hossein Behizad, who performed for the annual dinner the second year in a row.

A record $312,000 was raised by Amoud with Br. Mounzer Taleb motivating the crowd. Several Islamic organizations and DFW masajid were present including Baitul Maal, Islamic Relief, ICNA Relief, ICI, VRIC, IACC, IANT, Darul Huda, EPIC, ISAT Arlington, etc.. Amoud Foundation was very honored to have several local imams and organizational representatives present at the dinner.

We would also like to thank the staff, volunteers, and every person who came to offer their help and support in every manner possible. We ask that Allah (swt) put baraka in everyone's contributions. We ask Allah (swt) to increase us in our deen and help us to keep up the good work with all DFW Islamic projects. Ameen.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with our Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering in Somalia and Horn of Africa countries. Again, we extend our deepest gratitude to every brother and sister who turned out last night to offer much needed support. May Allah (swt) accept from all of us.

Jazakumullahu khairan.

The Board Members of Amoud Foundation

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