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Amoud Foundation Famine Relief Effort in Somalia:Updated 12/01 

Amoud Foundation has established 16 feeding centers in the worse hit famine areas of Somalia- Bay, Bakol, Gedo , Mudug, Galguduud Juba,shebelle, Mogadishu and  the Border (Somalia-Kenya-Ethiopia)regions.

Please see updates from Amoud Foundation volunteers on the ground below.
3.5 million Somalis are at immediate risk in Somalia, according to the UN. We are grateful to and thank those of you who have responded. The need is so dire and so overwhelming. The need for humanity every where to respond immediately and save lives has never been so great. We have the capacity to avert the worse humanitarian disaster.
Amoud Foundation  uses 100% of Famine effort  donation for the intended purpose - on the humanitartian Disaster. Please donate online at or call our Toll free number at 1-866-926-6831.


Rapid Need Assessement



Name of the feeding centers

These below places are the neediest places selected by our team in the field  

Name of Villages, District, Region

1.Mooro Gaabay, Hudur, Bakool
2 -Buulo, Hudur, Bakool
3 -Dayuuro, Hudur, Bakool
4- Jamacada, K/Dheere, Bay
5 -Isha, Baidoa,  Bay
6 -Mursal, Baidoa, Bay
7- Habarkey, B/hakabo,Bay
8-Wandeed,Sakow, Middle Jubba
9-Buulo Haawo,Ghedo
10- Baardheere, Ghedo
11,12,13, - Dr Hawa Abdi afghooye, shabelle Somalia. (Run by Dr Hawa Abdi, sponsored by Amoud)
14-Xamar Wayne, Mogadishu.
15-Camp IFA1,  Dhadhaab, Kenya.
16-Camp Rahmo aka (qurun or Rahma) in Dhadhaab Kenya
17- Camp Buulo Bacleey, Galkaio, Mudug
18- Shantabaq- North Eastern Kenya
19- Gargara, Awdal
Amoud Foundation ground team prepares sites and  provides food and water for the childern, men and women. They aslo provide delivery for those people who were unable to come to feeding center  with in the surounding area. These centers are scheduled to open for 30 days
*** more visual  documentations to come soon.
Amoud Foundation distributes matterasses to the refugees at dadaab camp, kenya.

Food distribution for North Eastern Kenya  IDPs - please click on the image to see the slideshow


Food distribution for Awdal region IDPs- youtube video
Food distribution for Mogadishu IDPs - please click on the image to see the slideshow

 First Iftar center in Baidoa


Iftar Center at Bullow , Hudur
For more pictures click on on the picture below

Iftar center in Dayuur, Hudur- For more images click on below picture

Iftar in Jamacada, K/Dheere, Bay-For more images click on below picture













2nd Iftar center in Saakow, Somalia
>>For more pictures please click here


  Food Distribution photos of Baido IDPs -Habare & Tehabo Feeding centers

  >>For more pictures please click here.

  Food Distribution at Bakool Region  










>>For  more pictures please click here   



 Food Distribution at Dhadhaab center.  











For more pictures click here below.



 Food Distribution at Afgoi center - For more images click on picture












Food Distribution at Hawa Abdi's Camp- For more images click on the picture













Food Distribution in Hamar Weyne-For more images click on picture












Food distribution for Awdal region IDPs- To view click on the picture below

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