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Water Wells
Amoud Foundation has completed three wells for the year 2011, that are now providing clean water to the people and their livestock.  These wells were dug in the areas that water shortage and drought has been prevalent during these last years. Among the sites, an orphan center is one of lucky recipients of this project. recently as of 2012,  the Foundation has expanded the project to dig 3 more wells in the area of  Bay and Bakool region of Somalia and  also the rehabilitation of  the  wells at Dr. Hawa Abdi's Center. Amoud Foundation  is projecting to dig at least two-four more wells this year.

  • First well - Fruits of Your Donation !!!. This is the first well Amoud Foundation dug, it produced water and sustenance to the local people and herds.
  • Rehabilitation of Wells at Dr.Hawa Abdi's Center














  • Digging Shallow wells in Bakool Region of Somalia.














  • A completed shallow well in a Bakool Region of Somalia















  • A completed water reservior in a Bakool Region of Somalia


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Jul 26, 2015 @ 11:02 am
Your Donation Made a Difference This Ramadan :) JAK

Thanks to you, Amoud Foundation was able to provide about 1,000,000 meals through iftar and food packages for our brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa, West Africa (Mali), Latin America (Honduras), and The Philippines.

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