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AAA Award

History:- Amoud Foundation of Dallas started this annual award in 2001 in order to recognize individuals and/or organizations who made a difference in the lives of the people of Awdal. The award carries a cash prize and a plaque.The first award went to Professor Suleiman Ahmed Guled, President of Amoud University. The second award went to Dr. Abdillahi H. Abib


The 2016 Award Achievement Award goes to Dr. Abdirahman Jama Hadi

Dallas, Texas, USA- Dr. Abdirahman Jama Hadi is awarded and the winner of the 2016 Awdal Achievement Award. Amoud Foundation made the announcement on March 9, 2016. As the commissioner of the Awdal Health services, Abdirahman fought to resuscitate the failing industry of the healthcare in the region. Abdirahman’s leadership and sacrifice was instrumental in getting rebuilt the Regional Hospital Of Borama and expanding the healthcare through out the region by establishing 25 MCH’s. Equally Important is because of his thurstworthness and steadfastness, he attracted the UN agencies and the NGO’s that took part of the healthcare improvement in Region. In 1990’s, As Civil war in Somalia protracted and gov’t services become non-existent, Communities fall back to the few individuals who had morals and thought to be responsible and a leader and they asked him to lead. Abdirahaman was one who stands out among his peers with a range of good traits. A humble, respectful, caring and friendly individual are some of his traits.  When Last year the NGO that used to feed the TB patient in Borama Region Hospital left for good, the burden of caring those patients falls on his shoulder. And despite paying himself some, He mobilized the Community and went door to door to shore up monetary support for those needy patients for the first critical year. That was the caring. Dr.Abdirahaman, an Individual, who does not seek limelight; who gets respected through the whole region; who doesn’t dwell on the trivia that divides and focuses on things that unite our people is a great asset to the community.

Amoud Foundation Board of Directors salutes Dr. Abdirahman Jama Hadi for his caring and services to his people. For more information about the Awdal Achievement Award and its history, go to and click on the AAA Section.



Amanda Lindhout, Canadian Humanitarian, author wins the Amoud Foundation Awdal Achievement Award for  2014










Amanda Lindhout back in Somalia in 2011- THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Jared Moossy

Amanda Lindhout, Canadian humanitarian, author wins the Amoud Foundation Awdal Achievement Award for 2014. The award decision was announced at the Amoud Foundation Annual Dinner on Saturday, February 22, 2014, in Irving, Texas, USA. Ms. Lindhout was abducted by insurgents in Somalia in 2008 and held captive for 463 days during which she endured unspeakable ordeal. After her release in November 2009, she wrote a riveting memoir, A House in the Sky, about her ordeal. One would think that after such an ordeal, she would not want to have anything to do with Somalia ever again. But you would be wrong. She could not forget the level of human suffering she had witnessed there, especially by women and children. In 2010, she founded the Global Enrichment Foundation to provide humanitarian assistance in Somalia, including university scholarships to needy Somali women. In 2011, she was back in Somalia to advance her philanthropic mission.

In recognition of her extraordinary courage, the Amoud Foundation board of directors awards her the 2014 Awdal Achievement Award. For more information about the history of AAA Award and prior recipients visit Please contact us at


Amoud Foundation first Annual Award:

Mr. Mohamud Farah Egal, Chairman of Amoud Foundation of Dallas, Texas, USA, presented the Awdal achievement Award for 2001 to Mr.Suleiman Ahmed Guled (right on picture) , President of Amoud University, in Borama city on August 18, 2001. The award includes a cash prize. This was in recognition of Mr. Guled's pioneering work in leading a cadre of Somali educators in establishing Amoud University three years ago. Amoud University currently has an enrollment of 300 students in seven disciplines. The first class is expected to graduate in early 2003.

Since its establishment Amoud University has become a beacon of light for Somalis everywhere. Apart from educating the next generation, AU conducts seminars and workshops on conflict resolution and civic society. In the last three Years, Mr. Guled and his colleagues at AU have signed agreement and collaborative projects with international organizations and Universities in the Unites States, Europe and Republics from the former Soviet Union. AU is now an internationally recognized university that attracts both students and faculty from all over Somalia.

Mr. Guled, a former dean of the Somali College of Education at Afgoi, Somalia, Has become a source of advise and counsel to Somali educators in different region of the country on the fundamentals of successfully establishing and running a first class University. Benefits from the good examples he and his colleagues set are already evident in many parts of the country from Hargiesa, Bossaso to Beletwein, where University have either already been opened or are in the works.

For information about Amoud University, please go to the university website at: Amoud University



Amoud Foundation Second Annual Award

Dr. Abdillahi Hashi Abib (right on picture), Vice president of Amoud University for external affairs, was the winner of 2002 Awdal Achievement Award. The award was presented to Dr. Abiib at a fundraising banquet held at Holiday In, Irving, Texas, USA, by Amoud Foundation of Dallas on 7/20/02. Dr. Abiib stands out from the crowd for his exemplary work in single handedly securing millions of dollars worth of donations that made a difference in the lives of his people in the areas of education and healthcare.

Dr. Abiib donated the entire cash prize of the award to the Amoud Foundation Fund for Education. Dr. Abiib set the tone for a new generation of Somali intellectuals in the Diaspora who are dedicated to the task of rebuilding their country one village at a time, one region at a time. It is our hope that this chain of peace and progress is linked from Borama to Burao, Bossaso, Beletwein and Baidoa.

In recognition for the example he set for his fellow brothers and sisters, the board of directors of Amoud Foundation of Dallas salute  Dr. Abiib.

Amoud Foundation Third Annual Award:

The founders of the Kaalmo Orphanage Center in Borama city won the 2003 Awdal Achievement Award. The award was announced at the Amoud Foundation of Dallas Annual fundraising banquet held on August 16, 2003 at the Holiday Inn Select hotel in Irving, Texas. The award includes a plaque and a cash prize.

Khadra M. Barkhadle(right) accepts award on behalf Of the Kaalmo Orphanage Center Founders from Mohamoud Farah Egal, Amoud Foundation chair.

One of the first casualties of war in any society is the children, and the Somali civil war was no exception. As the Somali civil war raged in the early 1990’s, many children, some as young as three or four years old, found themselves alone on the streets of many cities and towns. Imagine yourself being only three and alone on the street to fend for yourself. A courageous group of local women in the city of Borama decided to do something about the problem and make a difference. They established the Kaalmo Orphanage Center in Borama in 1998 in order to care for these needy children. They started with nothing but a good heart and an iron will to succeed in their noble endeavor. Five years later, the center cares for over a 100 children.  They have earned the respect and gratitude of their community. For this, the Board of Directors of Amoud Foundation of Dallas salutes them.

Amoud Foundation Fourth Annual Award:

The 2004 Awdal Achievement Award was won by a group of doctors at Borama Regional Hospital. The award was announced at the Amoud Foundation Annual Banquet held on August 7, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Select, Irving, Texas, USA.

 Dr.Nimco Haji Abubakar (left) of Borama Hospital Accepts the award from Halimo Jama Hadi (right) Of  Amoud Foundation of Dallas


Dr. Nimco, a Somali Canadian, is one of the doctors who work at Borama Regional Hospital in Somaliland, saving lives every day with very limited medical resources. Dr. Nimco left the comforts of North America and went back home in order to live among her people and make a difference. Listening to her recount stories of heroism and heartbreak at the Borama Hospital Maternity Wing where she is the primary surgeon brings one to tears. She shared her experiences with a captivated audience at Amoud Foundation Annual Dinner in Irving, Texas.  Dr. Nimco is one of a select group of doctors who have given up so much to give so much to their community. Dr. Abdirahman Jama Hadi, Awdal Regional Health Coordinator, is another member who dedicated so much of his life in the service of his people. Stories abound of his willingness to answer the calls of the sick late into the evening, at times visiting patients in their own homes when they are unable to come to him. Dr. Nimco and Dr. Abdirahman are just two of the many doctors who strive to meet the healthcare needs of their community at the Borama Regional Hospital, the only public hospital that serves this vast region that stretches into neighboring Ethiopia and Djibouti. Strapped for medical supplies and equipment, they continue to give of themselves daily, putting their talents and knowledge at the service of their people. The fruits of their labor of love are seen every day on the faces of the many lives they have saved against incredible odds. May their sacrifices be rewarded both in this life and here after. Amoud Foundation of Dallas salutes them in recognition of their service to the community.


Amoud University Board of Elders Win 2005 Awdal Achievement Award

The 2005 Awdal Achievement Award was won by the Amoud University Board of Elders. The award was announced at the 7th Amoud Foundation annual dinner in Irving, Texas on July 23rd 2005. Haji Jama Muhumed, Haji Dahir Elmi and Haji Ahmed Mizan were recognized both for their role in the overall success of Amoud University and for a lifetime of leadership in their community. While the University’s day-to-day operations are run by a cadre of intellectuals and educators, the board of elders provides general oversight. Since its founding in 1998, these traditional leaders guided Amoud University through some tough times. Steeped in the Somali tradition of consensus building, they kept various stakeholders together for the common goal of building a university everyone could be proud of. They are the anchor that binds this flagship institution to the community.

It took the team work of both traditional elders and intellectuals to guide Amoud University to its success. That confluence of tradition and modernity gave the university the ability to serve a dual purpose: provide a 21st century education to the younger generation while providing other community service programs such as conflict resolution and consensus building based on the best practices of our culture.

These three community leaders also represent the triumph of traditional peace building mechanism in our society over foreign-made reconciliation methods. They were among hundreds of community elders from all parts of Somaliland who participated in peace conferences in Borama, Hargeisa, Sheikh, and Burao in the early 1990’s that laid the foundation for the lasting peace and stability that prevails in that part of the Somali territories today. Amoud Foundation Board of Directors salutes these three community leaders for their selfless service to both Amoud University and the community at

2006 Awdal Achievement Award

The 2006 Awdal Achievement Award went to the founders of Amoud University in Somaliland: Hassan Ali Osman, Abdulsalaam Ahmed Nur (ILburo), Suleiman Ahmed Walhad, and Idris Muhumed Sa’ad. The award was announced at the Amoud Foundation Annual Dinner held in Irving, Texas, on August 5, 2006.

The seed idea for the establishment of a university in Awdal started in July 1994. At the time, Hassan Ali Osman and Abdulsalaam Ahmed Nur were in Dahran, Saudi Arabia; Suleiman Ahmed Walhad was in Bahrain; Idiris Muhumed Sa’ad was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The first workshop to sell the idea to the community was held in Borama in 1996. At the time, in the aftermath of a devastating civil war, the idea of establishing a university seemed far-fetched to many people. But these pioneers had a vision and refused to give up. They led the way where there was no path and made a trail. In this context, the famous line by Robert F. Kennedy comes to mind: “ Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not”.

After many meetings and consultations with the community, a decision was made to establish a university at the old Amoud Secondary School. It was also decided that it would be named Amoud University, preserving the historical name of Amoud. In 1997, the first preparatory class was started at Amoud University. Thus started the journey of Amoud University, a project that will go down in the history books as one of the most significant milestones in post-civil war Somali education. Amoud University’s impact on Somali communities everywhere has been revolutionary. Other Somali pioneers soon followed suit, establishing Mogadishu University, Hargeisa University, University of East Africa, and others in quick succession.


Amoud Foundation 2007 AAA Award

The Rural Education and Development charitable organization, READ/IQRA NGO, won the 2007 Awdal Achievement Award (AAA). READ/IQRA was established by a group of Awdalites of various professions in July 2000 with the primary goal of extending educational opportunities to the rural areas of Awdal and the District of Gabiley. 

 Dr. Ali Bahar (right) accepted the award on behalf of IQRA from Mohamoud Farah Egal (left), chairman of the board of Amoud Foundation, on Saturday, September 8, 2007 at a special luncheon held in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Ali Bahar gave a brief history of IQRA and reminded the attendees how only $20 a month, something we spend at a McDonald’s for a meal in America, can make a difference in the live of a teacher or student back home.

IQRA/READ started its operations in 2001, quickly establishing schools at various locations. Today IQRA runs 20 schools, with an enrollment of over 2300 students and 37 teachers. While rural education remains its main focus, IQRA has expanded its operations to economic development and humanitarian relief activities.


2008 Awdal Achievement Award

The Islamic Center of Irving ( ICI ), Texas , USA , won the 2008 Awdal Achievement Award (AAA). The award was announced at the Amoud Foundation annual fundraising dinner held at the Radisson Hotel in Irving , Texas , on April 12, 2008.ICI was recognized as one of the first local institutions that supported Amoud Foundation and its projects in Somalia and other parts of East Africa . ICI has been the source of sustained financial and moral support to Amoud Foundation since its inception. ICI has been at the fore front of every project and relief effort Amoud Foundation and other humanitarian organizations have undertaken.

The Islamic Center of Irving was established and registered as a non-profit 501c (3) organization in 1991 in the state of Texas , USA . The center had a humble beginning, and has moved from various locations. It started with only three (3) brothers.As the community grew, the center started the search for a new site that can accommodate a growing Muslim community. Construction of the new center in Irving Texas started on January 1, 1999. The new 36,000 square feet facility (see picture) officially opened on April 30, 2004. It is a full service mosque located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, offering Pre-K through 10th grade Islamic School with over 260 students, Sunday & Summer School, Marriage Services, Funeral Services, Quranic and Arabic Teachings etc. The new center was built at a cost of over $6.00 million. ICI has become an important anchor for the community, with over 3000 brothers and sisters currently attending the Jummah Khutba and prayers.

Amoud Foundation Board of Directors salutes ICI for its contribution to the community, both locally and internationally. 

For more information about the Awdal Achievement Award and its history, visit

Dr. Hawa Abdi Wins the 2009 Awdal Achievement Award  

Dr.Hawa, right, and her daughter, Dr. Amina, 2007. Courtesy of Abukar Ahmed/LA Times. Dr. Hawa Abdi wins the Amoud Foundation 2008 Awdal Achievement Award. The award was announced at the foundation’s annual dinner in Irving , Texas, on March 28, 2009. Dr. Hawa was one of the first female Somali gynecologists. In 1983 she founded the HawaAbdiCommunityHospitalfor Women and Children in Afgoye , Somalia. When the Somali government collapsed in 1991, thousands of displaced people fled Mogadishu and camped out in the open around her hospital. She opened the doors of her hospital and provided not only medical care, but food, water and comfort. By late 2007, up to 20,000 displaced people were being cared for in and around her hospital.With her advanced medical education, Dr. Hawa, like many of her compatriots, could have left and established a life of luxury and comfort for herself in North America or Europe . But she opted to stay with her people and make a difference. Amoud Foundation has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Hawa, her staff, and volunteers in delivering relief supplies to the displaced people of Mogadishu.


2010 Annual Achievement Award

International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) of North Andover , MA , wins the 2010 Amoud Foundation Annual Achievement Award (AAA). The award was announced at the foundation’s annual dinner held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Irving , Texas on March 13, 2010. The winner of this award is announced each year to recognize an organization or individual that made a difference in the lives of others.By working with sponsoring organizations, IMEC provides critically needed medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics in over 70 countries around the world. Recipient countries in Africa include Somalia , Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya , and Zimbabwe .  IMEC handles the acquisition, repair, and packaging of quality surplus medical equipment and supplies in the United States and, with the help of sponsoring organizations, delivers them at no cost to doctors and nurses in developing countries, enhancing health outcomes for thousands of people in impoverished communities. By providing a bridge between the sources of such surplus equipment and the medical professionals in the developing world who need them, IMEC is making a difference in the lives of people around the world. One of the facilities that benefited from IMEC’s humanitarian work is Hayatt Hospital in Borama, Somaliland . This new, non-profit community hospital opened on February 22, 2010. IMEC provided all the equipment and supplies to Hayatt Hospital at no cost. The Amoud Foundation board salutes the management and volunteers at IMEC for their invaluable humanitarian work. For more information or to make a donation, please visit


Mr. Abdirahman Haji Dahir Wins the 2011 Award Achievement Award.


 Dallas, Texas, USA- Abdirahman Haji Dahir is the winner of the 2011 Awdal Achievement Award. Amoud Foundation made the announcement on July 9, 2011. As the head of the Amoud University Technical Committee, Abdirahman’s leadership and sacrifice was instrumental in getting Amoud University off the ground during the first critical period. Those who closely worked with him during those pivotal years confirm the challenges they faced that sometimes appeared so intractable some were ready to give up. Not Abdirahman. At one point, when the university was in the red by tens of thousands of dollars, and there seemed to be no hope of finding a source of revenue and rescue, he was willing to put his own house on the line. He and other technical committee members took an empty rice bag and went door to door in the city of Borama, begging and cajoling businesses and households for donations, and paid the rest out of their own pockets. The details of how he worked tirelessly to make sure the great vision of Amoud University did not day in the cradle is a testament to this brother’s determination and commitment to the welfare of his people. Abdirahman is someone with great humility; someone who does not seek the limelight; someone who is content working tirelessly behind the scenes in the service of his people; someone who transcends the trivia that divides and focuses on the things that unit our people; someone with the intellect to see beyond distractions and able to keep his eyes on the prize in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We would have never known about the extent of his work if his colleagues did not tell his story. Even when contacted for comment by Amoud Foundation, he deflected any credit towards others who had worked with him during those do-or-die years for Amoud University. We hope that the full story of his selfless service to the community in those crucial years is one day written for posterity. Amoud Foundation Board of Directors salutes Abdirahman Haji Dahir for his selfless service to his people.For more information about the Awdal Achievement Award and its history, go to and click on the AAA Section.



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